My Story

Having worked for over 30 years in the hair industry, I had personal hands-on experience with family and close friends losing their hair for various medical reasons.

I found there was a complete lack of information, advice, support and confidentiality available to people facing any hair loss journey. There was no support in the correct fitting, personalisation, aftercare and products that were available to them.

I was determined to fill those gaps that I found during my endless exploration and decided to open my Specialist Wig Salon and created my own tailor-made company "Emmy~Lou".

I wanted to become the most Unique Wig Specialist in Kent and launched myself into the training required.

I am committed to the service that "Emmy~Lou" provides in filling this gap, by creating and giving an extraordinarily different, personal, discrete and very unique service.

I specialise in supplying and fitting custom made Wigs in both Human and Synthetic Hair from my salon in Herne Bay, Kent.